I’ve been photographing redheaded children for nearly 20 years.  The question I’m always asked is, “What outfits and backgrounds go well with redheads?”  I know it has always been said that redhead should not wear red, but I have created beautiful images of these ginger babies wearing red, navy, white, gray, coral, pink, green, purple, etc…. You get the idea. Pretty much anything goes! When photographing redheaded babies, and babies in general, I recommend bare chested. Clothing can be overpowering on newborns and babies, and when you add bulky, brightly colored clothing, the focus quickly changes from that of the adorable subject to the outfit your child is wearing. And with redheads, you want that beautiful red hair to pop and steal the show!

Here are some of my favorite portraits I’ve created of redheads. Enjoy!


Facts about redheads

Did you know that redheads make up only 3% of the world’s population, produce their own Vitamin D, and do not go gray? And did you know that red hair and blue eyes is the rarest combination in the world?

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